Pool Table Moving Melbourne

We Move Billiard Tables and Snooker Tables

Pool tables are great fun and a premium, room-dominating piece of sporting equipment. There’s a time when they stop seeming fun, though – that’s when you have to move them! At this point, it’s time to call in the experts – Movers n Packers professional pool table movers in Melbourne. Call us to relocate your pool, snooker or multi-use billiard table from one room to another- upstairs or downstairs- or across the city or country.

pool table movers Melbourne

Getting a Billiard Table Moved

These items come in varying sizes, but one thing they have in common is that they’re very heavy – some models weigh in at 450 kgs. The key heavy component is the bed of the table, which is made of slate. Despite this density, however, they are also strangely delicate. As pool is a game of precision, any damage to the felt covering the table’s surface can adversely affect play. If knocked too roughly, the table frame can also be put out of alignment, which affects players’ ability to sink balls into the pockets. In a worst-case scenario, if a pool table is dropped during transit the slate bed can crack into pieces – an expensive and sometimes fatal (to the table, that is) accident.

Pool Table Moving Solutions

two people moving pool tableAvoid this fate for your prize possession by enlisting our expert pool table movers to assist you in your Melbourne relocation. With our specialist experience and equipment, our team can manoeuvre your table through even the tightest of corners and hallways. We also carry out all of our removals under strict health and safety guidelines, utilising our training in heavy-lifting to make certain no-one gets hurt.

As pool tables are so large and ungainly, they require a certain amount of disassembly to be successfully transported from one place to another. Our staff is highly familiar with the structure of these tables, and can take them apart and put them back together quickly and efficiently.

Make sure your table arrives in top condition with our expert pool table movers based right here in Melbourne.