Piano Movers Melbourne

Pianos present very specific challenges for relocation, as they are heavy and awkward, yet fragile. Thanks to these qualities, pianos should only be moved by professionals who are properly trained, insured, and have the right equipment. Movers n’ Packers tick all these boxes and more.

Give us a call; whether you have an upright or a grand, we know exactly the right equipment and techniques to use for piano removals in Melbourne.

Moving an Upright Piano

Uprights are easier to move than their big brothers, the Grands. However, this doesn’t mean they require less care. Upright pianos exhibit unique characteristics which specialists who move pianos every day, become acutely aware of during their work.

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To move an upright, the piano is lifted so a mover’s dolly can be placed underneath. These dollies have especially strong frames and large rubber wheels for good traction and preventing marks on the floor. (The pianos themselves often have wheels, but these are largely decorative rather than useful for a significant move!) To stop the piano from being marked or scratched in transit, it will be covered with a drop cloth.

Moving a Grand Piano

To begin, the grand is covered by a drop cloth or cloths by our expert piano removalists to protect the body from being scratched. A special piece of equipment called a “skid board” is used – kind of like a long, especially strong skateboard designed especially for moving pianos. The piano’s pedal lyre is removed as well as its left leg, and then the instrument is lowered onto the skid board on its straight side.

The piano is then strapped down and the last two legs are taken off. Any parts of the instrument that can rub together and scratched are secured. The skid board is tipped onto the piano mover’s dolly that’s also used for the upright, and the piano is off to its new home, where the whole sequence will be carried out in the opposite order. Our removals company based in Melbourne CBD relocates pianos every day- we’re delighted to share the following information with you.

Piano moving fact: Moving does not affect a piano’s tuning; this is only altered by humidity. The proper covering should prevent it from becoming out of tune – another reason why you need the assistance of our professional piano movers in Melbourne. Call 0449 957 644.