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How To Move Out Quickly?

Moving out can be stressful & that too last-minute moving can be a real pain. It’s where movers and packers Melbourne is the best solution to make your move faster & easier. As things come fast at you & you need to be prepared to face the last-minute move. There are a couple of things you need to do to ensure your move is safe, sound and successful. If you’re on short notice and doing a last-minute move, Let’s tell you how you can move quickly without any stress & tension. Read on to know more.

Book Your Moving partner

A last-minute can make every task seem difficult to accomplish. So, be sure to hire a moving company like packers and Movers Melbourne to take care of the relocation. Some moving companies even offer packing services to help you pack the things promptly and give a moving day schedule to ensure everything is sorted just right.

Get Rid Of The Items You Don’t Need

When you got fewer things to pack, the packing will be easier. And this happens when you get rid of all the unwanted items and junk items. You can either hire a junk removal company or donate items that are still in working condition and useful for others. Use appropriate packing materials like carton boxes,  tapes and bubble wraps and accurate labels to pack your items.

Pack Your Essentials Separately

Before you start packing, be sure to pack all your credentials, medicines, and toiletries, changing clothes, water bottles, snacks and mobile phone chargers, and power banks to keep things handy. So, be sure to put all the essentials together.

Have a Moving Day Plan

If you have a concrete moving day plan by a reputed moving company in Melbourne, you will have less tension, so that you will know what needs to be done first and what comes later. So, you can accomplish the tasks one by one and ensure nothing gets missed out.

So, when you’re in a hurry & want to move with peace, call Movers N Packers on 0449 957 644 today.

How To Choose The Right Packing Supplies For Safer Moving?

When it comes to relocations, packing plays a vital role in ensuring a safe move. As the safety of your goods is a priority for you, make sure to get the best quality packing supplies for complete protection. Even removalists in Melbourne use high-quality packing supplies to offer dependable house relocation services to customers. And whether it’s for your household goods or commercial goods, buy the packing materials or hire movers n packers in Melbourne to help you with packing & relocation.

Sort Your Items

When you sort your items to move, it will be easier to get the number of packing materials required.

Pick The Right Size

Once you have sorted the items, pick the packing supplies in different sizes & accommodate all the products neatly and safely.

Invest In Good-Quality Cardboard Boxes

Moving is a hectic process & you don’t want any disruption during the transit. So, buy top-quality packing boxes from a reputed seller to ensure the safety of your products at all costs. Also, gather card boxes in all sizes to pack safely & move the items effortlessly. You can fill delicate items in larger boxes & heavy items in small boxes.

Buy Bubble Wraps

From delicate materials to glass items, bubble wraps are the safest material to pack fragile & items for extra safety.

Packing Labels & Furniture Covers

Labeling the packed boxes makes it easier for unpacking & also helps the movers in Melbourne to handle them with care. You can use different coloured permanent markers to label the boxes and make a special not too fragile & handle with care items. It will also help you understand which rooms the items in the boxes belong to.

Good Quality Packing Tapes

Like packing boxes, using good-quality packing tape can keep your goods in the proper position & safe. It will ensure that there will be no spills or damage to your goods. You can use packing tapes to seal the edges and corners of the box or even use bubble wraps for added protection.

So, if you’re looking for a reputed moving company across Melbourne, call Movers n Packers on 0449 957 644 today.

Is Autumn The Flexible Season To Move? – Find Out!

Moving is a stressful & big undertaking. However, if you plan it right with the reliable movers and packers in Melbourne, you will have a relaxing move-out experience. Autumn is the best season for you to move without hassle. Unlike the summer move, you’ll have good weather, movers n packers will be available to take up the work. If you’re thinking of moving to your new home or planning a new job in a different location, autumn is the best time for a flexible and happy move-out & we’ll tell you why.

Movers Will Be Available 24/7

Generally, most move-outs happen during summer and spring, making the fall season the best for relocations. Whether you’re moving with family or alone, the autumn season gives you more flexibility in booking removalists Melbourne companies at your budget and makes them stick to your move-out needs.

Weather Will Cooperate

As autumn stands between hot summer and cold winter, the temperature will be average with no rain showers. When you move in autumn, it makes your move-out smooth, seamless and all the more flexible & comfortable.


Summer & winter are the peak-time for moving companies with high pricing and surge fees. However, autumn move-out means paying less and low pricing. While looking for cheap movers and packers in Melbourne, be sure to multiple bids from different moving companies and pick the one with reputation, affordability & matches your travel requirements. Also, when you get more affordable estimates, you will have savings and flexibility.

Relocating to a new home or new job can be exciting when your plan is right. If you want to reduce costs and stress, autumn is the time to hire movers. With reduced costs, moderate weather and 24/7 availability of movers and packers, make your move-out with Movers n Packers Melbourne.

To book or schedule an appointment, call 0449 957 644 today.

4 House Moving Tips You Must Not Forget – Find Out!

Moving your house to a new place is exciting. As it sounds exciting, it may not be the one task one wants to undertake. However, you can get assistance from professional removalists in Melbourne or packers and movers in Melbourne to ensure you a safe & hassle-free move-out. But there’s a list of things you should do to ensure that you don’t forget anything in the process & make your house relocation go seamless and happy. Let’s get started.

Declutter The Area

Moving your house doesn’t mean that you carry each & every item to the new house. You can declutter and throw out the items that you don’t use or expired and make some room for the other essential items. Also, start from one room, clear & move to the other.

Get The Packing Supplies You Need

When you have sorted your items, all you need is a variety of boxes to accommodate all the belongings. Moving boxes & packing materials like cartons, stickers, tapes and markers are a necessary part of your relocation. While you search for packing boxes online, make sure to categorise the sturdy & fragile items accordingly to secure them just right.

Label The Boxes

Well, this is the big deal. When you categorise the boxes and put the items, make sure to label the boxes with the item name & cautions like fragile items inside, handle them with care to make the unpacking easier & safer. This way you can reach for the boxes easily and minimise damage during the transit.

Hire Removalists

Whether you have a pool table or piano or any vintage item, you can hire house movers in Melbourne to move the heavyweight items with proper care. Doing this, you will stay organised and focus on moving on the other items carefully & seamlessly.

Also, you will not miss out on any package or box when you follow these tips and if you’re looking for professional movers, call Movers n Packers on 0449 957 644 for seamless & hassle-free house relocation.

Things To keep In Mind For A Stress-Free Summer Move-out!

Planning to move out this summer? Regardless of the reason for your summer move-out, you must ensure your move-out goes without any hitch. To stay calm & get things done in an organised and timely manner, it’s safe to hire movers and packers Melbourne or removalists in Melbourne. They can ensure a hassle-free move-out for you. When it comes to moving with your entire family during these hot weather conditions, things may get complicated & get out of hand. It’s why it’s better off to leave the moving job to the professional movers and packers in Melbourne.

Plan In Advance

When you have planned to move out during the summer, do research about removalist companies, get quotes from different companies & choose the one that matches your requirements & budget. Also, as it’s a busy time for move-out companies, it’s good to plan your move-out ahead of time to ensure you get the dates with offers & discounts

Choose Weekdays For Your Move-out

If you have decided to move out, always choose weekdays in the middle of the month as opposed to weekends or holidays. As move-out companies are far less busy on weekends & are pre-booked ahead of time. So, plan your move-out well in advance to ensure a smooth & seamless move-out.

Be Mindful About Packaging

When it comes to packing things, categorise the items according to their size, type & weight and avoid keeping sun-sensitive things, delicate items like glass, mirror & similar items on the truck or have them properly secured in a sturdy package that prevents damage during transit. You can carry confidential items & delicate items with you in the car, ensuring that your important items are safe & sound.

Stay Hydrated

As you know, summer weather can be hard on you & get you annoyed during the move-out. So, make sure to carry water bottles & hydrate often during the move & hand your friendly movers & packers. You can prepare a cooler to keep your water bottles cool. Remember, moving out can be hard on your furry friends too, so make sure to do proper arrangements to ensure they’re safe.

If you’re planning to make a move-out during the summer, call Movers n Packers on 0449 957 644 today.

Make Successful Office Relocations With Office Moving Pros!

Businesses change & as they grow & expand, they look for new opportunities and new premises to flourish. However, Office relocation in Melbourne are daunting to manage & prove to be an overwhelming task. With many considerations, you need to make &tons of moving parts need to get moved to another location. Office movers in Melbourne can be of help to get you moved promptly, efficiently and safely. You don’t need a moving partner that moves you and your assets to the other location right? You need more than that.  Let’s tell you why you should trust office movers Melbourne for office relocations.

Project Management

When it comes to office relocation, a trusted moving partner foster a highly controlled office move ensuring minimal disruption. They use every resource to ensure hassle-free office relocation. From organising the furniture to managing the vendors, there’s a lot that will be handled by them.

Moving Plan

Whether you’re an established firm or a small business, it’s difficult to move your office without a moving plan. It’s where movers and packers Melbourne come to the rescue, they will come up with a moving plan tailored to meet your needs. From planning & coordination to careful transit of office goods and assets, you will have a smooth and seamless transition.

Furniture Installation

Every office has a different set of furniture and goods to move. When you hire professional office movers in Melbourne, they make sure to handle the items with the utmost care. They have well-versed and experienced removalists to remove safely and assemble the furniture at the specified date and location without any delay. Not only furniture, all the server room essentials PC’s and other tech accessories will be moved safely without any damage during the transit.

Whether it’s an interstate move or long distance office move, call removalists from Movers N Packers on 0449 957 644 today.

How To Move Vintage Items During Relocation?

Moving is an exhausting and tiresome process. Even if you do not own priceless antiques, art, or musical instruments, moving brings more anxiety for those who own items that are timeless & irreplaceable. It’s where professional removalists in Melbourne come to the rescue. They can handle those items with proper care and ensure it is tightly secured before the transit and carefully move them to your new location. To help you move with your vintage items safely, we have compiled some tips that will help ease your relocation and make your move peacefully.

Don’t Rush, Pack Everything & Make A-List

It is easy to stress and carried away when you have a shorter time to move out. You can avoid rushing as it leads to unwanted stress and tension. So, write a list of items that need special packaging and pack in stages to ensure they arrive in the same condition as they departed. You can even take pictures of the packed boxes to see whether they reach without any damage.

Keep Valuables & Credentials Safely

Keep small valuables such as jewellery and valuables in a small bag or backpack that it remains safe. Always try to keep these items with you as much as possible. Also, ensure that you have all medications, coins and currency, paperwork, photos, passport and other credentials safely put up in a separate bag.

Packing Art & Antiques

Using customized speciality boxes for televisions, paintings, and other hard-to-pack items may cost more but it can save a lot of hassle and money in the long run. When you hire professional movers and packers in Melbourne, they may likely supply boxes of many different shapes and sizes to pack your items including paintings, art and craft items and antique products that you cherished for years. Also, while packing, make sure to label them with a handle with a care note for careful handling.

Choose the Right Packaging

Even when you follow the precautions, insurance is a must-have. Always ensure to hire a packers and movers Melbourne company that provides insurance and helps you get adequate coverage during your move.

 If you want to ensure a stress-free move-out with your priceless items that you love and cherish, make sure to call Movers n Packers on 0449 957 644 today.

How To Pack A Messy House For Relocation?

Nothing can be frustrating than packing a messy room. It can be downright exhausting as well. Moreover, if you are leaving the house on short notice, you will have to be more cautious and organised. Relocations are stressful and can get chaotic if not planned properly. This is why you must consider taking the help of house movers Melbourne so that they’ll help you pack and move on time without any hassle. You may think that organising a room is a one man’s job, but when it comes to packing a whole house, the scenario is entirely different. Here, in this blog, we’re going to lend some guidance and help calm your stress on your relocation.

Organise Everything

Whether it’s a messy hall or bedroom, the best course of action is to get things organised. Start by decluttering the items that you don’t use and discard them properly. Check and keep the items that you use and pack them horizontally inside the carton box so that you will save some space for packing other kinds of stuff as well.

Pack One Room After Another

When handling a messy house, you need to follow certain techniques, so that you can easily finish the job. When you start packing, make sure to finish one room and move on to the other, this way, you can complete the entire house as fast as possible. By going room after room, you can easily figure out what belongs where and it helps you label them correctly. Also, you can finish sorting the items without any confusion.

Labelling The Boxes

We can’t stress enough the importance of labelling as it makes the job easy for you while you unpack and arrange things in the new house. Whether you’re hiring the packers and movers Melbourne or moving by yourself, labelling the boxes with names will help the people to handle the boxes with utmost care and caution.

Keep The Essentials Separate

While moving out, it’s always good to have your essentials by your side in a separate bag. When it comes to shifting the whole family, make sure to pack your children’s essentials like food and snacks, changing clothes, water, disposable wipes and other credentials.

Over To You

To ensure you’re moving without any hassle and tension, hire the experts from Movers n Packers in Melbourne. For bookings, call 0449 957 644.

Packing Tips For A Safer Relocation

Of course, relocations are exhausting. From planning to packing to shifting and unloading, there are numerous processes involved in it. Irrespective of the relocation, moving your goods safely to the new location has always been the struggle. If you’re planning to move out by yourself, and want to ensure that everything goes seamless, hire reputed movers and packers Melbourne and move safely. Packing requires skills and expertise to relocate it in a safe and damage-free manner. It is one of the crucial things that most moving companies stress. To ensure the safety of your goods, you must invest in some good-quality packing materials and here in this blog, we’re going to tell you some proven packing tips.

  • Before you start packing, shop some quality bubble wraps, cello tapes, corrugated boxes, carton boxes, and newspapers.

  • Categorise the items by size and by use, and pick different cartons to place them.

  • Clean the upholstery and wrap it with bubble covers and plaster it, so that your furniture will not get dirty.

  • Also, if you disassemble the furniture, do it with the owner’s manual, and pack the covers in a separate bag.

  • Pack the delicate kitchenware with bubble wraps and arrange them in accordingly.

  • If you’re a book worm and have lots of books to move to your new home, take only what you want, and donate some books to your friends. Also while packing place the heavy books at the bottom and the lighter ones at the top.

  • For delicate photo frames, secure the corner with cardboard corners and wrap it with bubble wraps before sealing them properly.

  • Put cloth padding or paper in empty spaces, delicate ornaments, and fragile furniture items for protection.

  • For glassware, put cushion padding to secure them, and place them carefully inside the newspaper stuffed carton boxes.

  • Pack mattresses and sofa cushions in plastic covers to protect them from stains, dust, rips, and moisture.

  • Label each box with name and colour codes for easy unpacking. Also, mark the delicate items with a handle with care tag. So, unloading will be much easier and safer.

Over To You

If you want to ensure safe & reliable relocation across Melbourne, give Movers n Packers a call on 0449 957 644.

How To Move Stress-Free With Pets & Children?

Moving is one of the most exciting processes in life. As exciting as it appears, it comes with many considerations. Especially when you have pets and children at home, moving can appear like a nightmare to you. In this case, you will have to search for reputed removalists melbourne and pet movers that can safely move your pets to the new location, so that you don’t have to worry. When it comes to moving, hiring moving services is the best option; as they are designed to help you with the organised process and reduce the stress of moving. But, if you are planning for a DIY house move, we would like to help you with some suggestions that can make your relocation simple and easier. Let us check them out.

Tip 1

If you are moving with your kids, ensure to excite them about the new house, parks, play areas and heighten their interests. By bringing a positive outlook about the relocation will keep them active and happy during the move.

Tip 2

Always, start packing your kid’s items on the last day as it is much easier and unpack them first as you need it first when you enter the new house. Also, ensure to pack their food and other essentials in a separate bag handy to keep the stress at bay.

Tip 3

You must get their school credentials and medical reports beforehand to hand over to the new school and new doctor after your move.

Tip 4

Ensure your pet is secured and is safe during the travel. Pack your pet food and ensure they are fed along the way. Also, check whether the new place is pet-friendly or have dog parks for evening walks. Similarly, keep your pets’ health records safely and hand over to the new vet after your move.

Tip 5

Whether you’re hiring a large truck or a minivan, ensure to arrange the items properly, so that while unloading, it will be easier for you.

Tip 6

A great way for a relaxed and peaceful move out can be assured by highly skilled moving services. If you do not want to manage the stress of moving out, leave it to the professionals and have a peaceful relocation with pets and your children.

Over To You

If you are looking for a reliable moving partner across Melbourne, call the experts from Movers n Packers on 0449 957 644.