Q: I live in a high traffic zone and parking is also limited?
A: Movers n’ Packers team will request to organise a parking for the van/truck before the day of move. It is advisable to inform neighbors about your requirement of a clear area for the removalist van/truck. Parking your own vehicles somewhere else to create parking space for removalist vehicle may also help. For removalist job in melbourne CBD, we advise obtaining parking permits from the local council.

Q: When should I empty my refrigerator, particularly the freezer?

A: We will recommend removing all food and containers completely from the fridge and freezer section prior to the arrvial of movers and defrost the freezer 1 day prior to ensure it is dry on the day. We take care to load the refrigerator onto the van/ truck towards the end of the job to make sure it can be easily pulled out at the destination and also to minimise its movement.
Q: How to pack and move my paintings and sensitive contents like glass frames?
A: It is good to wrap and protect glass rames, paintings and sensitive stuff with cotton sheets or bubble wrap. We can provide bubble wrap and appropriate sized boxes prior to the day of move. Please contact us via email or give us a call at 0449957644 to order packing supplies or discuss packing requirements.
Q: How do I move heavy stuff like piano or pool table or a BBQ?
A: Movers n’ Packers specialise in moving piano or pool table or even a BBQ.
(a) Movers n’ Packers can offer a specialised piano moving service and our team has professional experience in moving piaono. Our rates for this service are very competitive and affordable. We have all the necessary equipment and we have enough experience to ensure that your piano is moved safely.(b) Movers n’ Packers specialise in moving billiard or pool tables and take all precautions to move these fragile and heavy items in your content. Movers n’ Packers offer an additional discount of 30% on the reguilar price of specialised pool or billiard table moving if it is a part of your house movement.(c) In order to remove BBQ, we need to remove the gas bottle first, Movers n’ Packers team can assist you with this. We will recommend cleaning of BBQ or a BBQ cover will be better option so that it does not stains any other items in the removalist truck. Movers n’ Packers cannot assist in transporting the gas bottles as it requires a special permit and may void the insurance.Q: Do I need to pull the beds apart before the move ?
A: Movers n’ Packers can help you with all the tools to help you with dismantling of beds, headboards and bed frames, shelves in a cupboard or study table/desks, and other similar furniture items. If you can dismantle the furniture items before the move, it will save your overall time in moving.Q: How will I manage moving to 2 destinations or if contents do not fit in one load?
A: We discuss the moving requirements in advance and can guide you for the right vehicle to be used for the move. It may take an extra ride if the contents do not foit the largets truck we offer. Movers n’ Packers can offer you all sort of options to minimise your cost starting from a 2-Tonne Van to a 6-Tonne Truck. Our trucks can easily fit in furniture of a typical 4 to 5 bedroom house and we intend to finish the move in a single trip to your new location. In case you have multiple drop off locations, we may have to work outr a cost effective strategy e.g., offering a van and a truck separately for 2 destinations depending on the contents and location of the 2 destinations. MoversnPackers also assist customers by offering 2 vehicles at the same time if the total removalist task is to be done quickly due to some time constraints or other issues.Q: Can the customer ride in the movers vehicle during drop off to the new location?
A: Movers n’ Packers do not allow customers transport / lift to customers a sthere are other liability issues associated with this. We will advise booking a cab in case you are not able to sort a vehicle for your own travel to the new location.

Q: How do I move potted plants to my new location?
A: Movers n’ Packers can certainly assist you with ,movement of potted plants, but there may be some impact on the plants depending on the distance and the time taken for the overall moving. There may be effects of motion, temperature extremes, or the time without daylight in the removalists truck, certainly beyond our control. We will however recommend not to water the plants for at least 2 days prior to the move so that it becomes easy to transport them.