Professional Billiard Table Movers

Our professional billiard table movers and packers will move your billiard table anytime you need it done. Pool tables need special care during relocation, to protect the playing surface, pockets and stylish finish.
It’s often best to dismantle billiard tables prior to loading. Special padded covers are used on the playing surface to guard against damage. Don’t risk the integrity of the finish of your furniture. We’ll pack and move all of your snooker equipment from the cues right through to the balls, triangle and rack. Mahogany tables, slate billiard tables and solid timber snooker tables- all these get handled with professionalism and care. Lengths of 7 feet, 8 feet and 9 feet or longer- all are loaded and transported with ease. Special hydraulic lifters and transport trolleys ensure the move is trouble-free.
If you are moving- and have a billiard table to relocate- call us! We move billiard tables on weekdays, weekends and after hours, as part of a complete house move, delivery or relocation. See our house removals website for more information.